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Akorn Kamado

Cook a pizza in 7 minutes at blistering 350°C or gently smoke a pork shoulder at 95 °C in the Akorn Kamado Char-Griller. Triple-walled insulation retains heat Durable steel construction built to last Includes legs & folding side shelves all in one convenient package Adjustable dampers, control of heat and smoke

Weber Gas BBQ

Gone is the old rusty steel plate propped up on a few bricks in the back yard. The Weber Gas BBQ also known as the Weber Q is a fabulous BBQ. I have one and have cooked just about everything on it (and in it). It easily handles a large roast

Son of Hibachi

Hibachi - the little cast iron charcoal BBQ has been re-invented. Now truley portable, the "Son of Hibachi" comes with a flame proof carry bag that stows the foldable barbecue in a neat carry all package. Gas is great, but often we long for the charcoal and smokey flavours that only