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Weber Gas BBQ

Weber Gas BBQ
Weber Gas BBQ

Gone is the old rusty steel plate propped up on a few bricks in the back yard.

The Weber Gas BBQ also known as the Weber Q is a fabulous BBQ. I have one and have cooked just about everything on it (and in it). It easily handles a large roast chicken, with enough room for the vegies – unlike a regular barbie, with the lid closed the Weber Q doubles as an oven.

There are a range of cool accessories – different cooking surfaces and my favourite which is a wireless thermometer, pre-programmed with cooking times for all the different roasts. The thermometer comes with a sender that couples with a heat probe which is inserted into your roast. The remote hand unit receives signals up to 30 metres away and has an illuminated LCD display showing the meat’s internal temperature and the target temperature. When within 10 degrees of the final temperature, the unit sounds an alarm – how easy is that!