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Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Without doubt, the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar is a work of art.

Introduced by Gibson in 1952, the Les Paul was developed by Paul MaCarty and well known guitarist Les Paul.

The Gibson Les Paul has a solid mahogany body embellished by a carved maple wood top. All Gibson Les Paul guitars have humbucker pick ups that vary depending on the model.

The Gibson les Paul has changed little since its introduction. There have been a few humbucking pickups and updated bridge, but besides these minor changes, this is still the guitar that defined an entire generation of music, from the blues rock of the 60s to the southern rock of the next decade.

Who are some of the greatest Gibson Les Paul Guitar Players:

10. Adam Jones

Kicking off the list is Adam Jones of Tool. Although the rhythm section commonly grabs most of the attention when it comes to Tool, Mr. Jones and his Les Paul are an equally crucial element of the magical formula.

9. Duane Allman

Up next is the “criminally underrated” late great Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band. Not a typical favorite of the UG community, yet a definite all-time master, it’s definitely refreshing to see his name on one of our lists.

8. Zakk Wylde

Soundsabbath nicely pointed out, “I know people on UG hate the man but the dude has so much attitude and groove in his riffs and solos. Even if he does overkill the harmonics,” and most of you folks seem to agree, landing Mr. Pinch Harmonic a No. 8 spot on the list.

7. Buckethead

The love for Buckethead is alive and well on these pages. Here’s what passionate Bucketfan GFraser had to say: “If I ever buy a Les Paul, it won’t be to play Led Zeppelin or Guns N’ Roses, it will be all Buckethead.”

6. Billy Gibbons

The six-stringed half of ZZ Top‘s beard magic brings a step closer to the top. It’s just one of those bands you gotta love.

5. Gary Moore

Although Gibson Les Paul was one of his favorites, late great Gary Moore was one of the supporters of the idea that it’s primarily the guitarist’s hands, and not his gear that create the signature sound.

He once said: “I think whatever guitar I pick up I can make sound a certain way. You should be able to pick up a guitar and make it sound like you. I consider myself a rock and roll guitarist. Sometimes I do play heavy metal guitar but I do have other things to say on the guitar.”

4. Randy Rhoads

You might know him by the polka-dot Flying V, but Randy Rhoads wielded a Les Paul too, delivering the same amount of magic.

3. Alex Lifeson

Among the vast array of guitars used by Alex Lifeson stands out a gorgeous Gibson Les Paul signature. A bronze medal for the man!

2. Slash

One of the most recognizable Les Paul players gets the silver medal this week. Not bad for someone who isn’t even real.

1. Jimmy Page

In the words of Hungry_Hameds, the dude who placed the nomination: “James Patrick Page… whoever the hell he is.”

That about wraps it up, boys and gals. Finally, a shout out to honorable mentions – Mr. Les Paul himself, Joe Walsh, Joe Perry, and blues champion Joe Bonamassa.