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Sydney Home Buyers Sucked in by Bad Rennovations

After spending the last 3 months in the home buyers market, running all over Western Sydney spurred on by eager real estate agents and fuelled by Domain’s real estate website, it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on… Sydney Home Buyers are paying too much for sub standard rennovated houses.

Every 2nd enrty level property seems to have the same rubbish veneer flooring and an outside cladding job that my mother would have done better. So called rennovation experts are all over the web offering, and often selling tips on how to go about DIY cheap and nasty renno’s


Here’s one from You Tube showing how a few thousand dollars of cheap render can add 20-30 thousand dollars to the sale price. She calls it camouflage!

Here is your typical $400,000 Sydney fibro horror


Add $10,000 worth of plastic cladding (camouflage) and we have a place that is selling for $600,000